Aluminum baseball bat proves no match for Cybertruck’s stainless steel

We have seen Tesla’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen take a sledgehammer to the Cybertruck prototype back in 2019, with a single swing causing no damage to the stainless steel door panel (but a bit of damage to the window behind it). Now that the Cybertruck is in the hands of customers, that toughness has clearly made its way into the production version, with an aluminum baseball bat proving to be no match for the stainless steel.

Since Tesla started Cybertruck deliveries in November last year, we have seen a few tests to demonstrate the toughness of the ultra-hard stainless steel exoskeleton. There have been owners that have attempted to recreate the bulletproof testing that Tesla performed, while others have taken less lethal ways to test its toughness, like kicking it or hitting it with a shopping cart.

Aiming for the middle ground was Vegas Auto Gallery, who shared a video this week of them taking an aluminum Easton baseball bat to the Cybertruck’s passenger side doors.

After 10 homerun-caliber swings, the baseball bat was left in less than pristine condition with a significant bend by the handle. Unfortunately the video doesn’t show any close ups of the Cybertruck’s doors, but from the video there appears to be no dents, and just a few marks from the blue end of the bat, something which is remarkable considering the force that was used on those 10 swings.

Like the other tests, we don’t recommend you do this at home, but you can rest easy knowing if anyone ever thinks of taking a baseball bat to your future Cybertruck, there is nothing you will need to worry about. Except for maybe some polish.

You can watch the video below. Make sure you watch it with the volume on for the full effect.

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