Tesla opens virtual sales stores in Europe to help boost sales

In the midst of an ongoing global pandemic, Tesla has opened virtual sales stores to help further boost sales.

With fewer people venturing out of their homes to buy cars, legacy automakers have struggled to keep up with their historical sales volumes. In 2020, many automakers have seen double digit drops as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic take hold.

Tesla has been the sole automaker able to buck that trend with its online sales model, setting delivery records for both Q2 and Q3 2020.

To further boost sales and get people behind the wheel of a Tesla, the automaker is now allowing potential customers to book virtual meetings with sales advisors.

Tesla Virtual Store

From Tesla’s website, the meetings will be just like if you were actually in the store, with the sales advisors going over the different cars, the Supercharger network, and even providing financing options.

Tesla Advisors are available to walk you through our current inventory selection, eligibility for local incentives and how over-the-air software updates continue to make every Tesla car better over time,” says the UK version of the site.

The virtual sessions are 30 minutes in length, and held via the Teams Meeting platform, or by telephone.

To register, customers simply enter their personal details along with their desired day and time for the meeting. Once submitted, a sales advisor contacts you to confirm the meeting.

We’ve been able to find these virtual sales stores in both Sweden and the UK, but so far nothing for North America.

Would you sign up for a virtual meeting with a Tesla sales advisor instead of going into a store? Let us know in the comments below.

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