Air Canada purchases 30 electric-hybrid aircraft with range of up to 800km

Air Canada has announced they have agreed to purchase 30 ES-30 electric hybrid from Heart Aerospace of Sweden. Along with the purchase of the aircraft, Air Canada also acquired a USD $5 million equity stake in Heart Aerospace.

The ES-30 electric hybrid aircraft are expected to enter service in 2028 and will serve on regional and commuter routes.

The aircraft is expected to offer Air Canada significant financial savings and benefits and help reduce the company’s carbon footprint as part of their goal to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

“Air Canada has taken a leadership position in the industry to address climate change. The introduction into our fleet of the ES-30 electric regional aircraft from Heart Aerospace will be a step forward to our goal of net zero emissions by 2050,” said Michael Rousseau, President and Chief Executive Officer of Air Canada.

Air Canada says that while flying using the aircraft’s lithium-ion batteries, the ES-30 produces zero emissions and can travel as far as 200km on battery power alone.

This range can be extended to 400km with energy from reserve-hybrid generators powered by sustainable aviation fuel, and 800km if 25 or fewer passengers are onboard, just 5 off its max capacity of 30 passengers.

The ES-30 can be fully recharged in 30 to 50 minutes.

Air Canada is not the first airline in Canada to go electric. Harbour Air Seaplanes in British Columbia recently completed the first test flight of their all-electric e-Beaver seaplane across the Salish Sea.

It was also the world’s first all-electric commercial flight. The e-Beaver completed the flight between Richmond and Sidney in 24 minutes.

Harbour Air hopes to have the plane certified by Transport Canada and begin carrying passengers within the next year.

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