Tesla reintroduces white interior option for Model Y in Canada

Tesla has brought back the white interior option for the Model Y in Canada. The reappearance of the option comes six months after it was first removed.

Back in April Tesla introduced the Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) version in Canada that was manufactured in Giga Shanghai. The transition to importing vehicles from China led to several notable changes, including a slight reduction in range for certain models. Additionally, it resulted in the unavailability of ordering a new Model 3 or Model Y with a white interior.

In August the white interior for the Model Y reappeared, but only for cars in existing inventory. Now the option is back on the Design Studio for custom orders.

According to the online configurator, the price has remained the same at $1,300, and it available on all three variants. Orders placed today with the white interior show an estimated delivery date as early as this month.

Unfortunately, the seven seat option, which also disappeared earlier this year, is still not available.

white option
Credit: Tesla

While the white interior is back for the Model Y, it is still not available for the Model 3.

Were you waiting for the white interior to come back before placing an order? Let us know in the comments below if you’re going to place your order now.

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