Advocacy Group Urges US Congress To Delay The Transition To Electric Vehicles

On Tuesday, the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association urged Congress to not support a hasty phase-out of gas-powered vehicles.

According to the advocacy group that represents car manufacturers, the move would cost up to 30% of jobs for supplier workers. It requests that before any improvements to fuel efficiency and pollution standards are made, Congress should investigate the negative effects of electrification on factory jobs.

One proposed approach is to finance initiatives that would train staff in new skills that would be useful in an electric vehicle economy. In the same suggestion, it also requests money to retool factories in order to make the transition.

The organization stresses that it supports the transition to electric vehicles and believes that the United States must lead the way. However, it believes that the current pace of market adoption of EVs, as well as the lack of federal funding for supply and demand policies, are inadequate to achieve the goals of a net-zero carbon transportation future.

In early March, the United Auto Workers issued a white paper also expressing concern that electric vehicles could cost jobs. It claims that EVs have fewer components, that their battery engines are mechanically simpler, and that battery manufacturing is primarily centred in other countries.

Ford Motor Co. is currently exploring the possibility of producing its own batteries in order to address similar concerns. The company revealed on Tuesday that it intends to open a global battery centre in southeast Michigan next year.

Source: The Detroit News

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