DIY frunk table makes the perfect Tesla Model 3 camp kitchen [Video]

Camping in your Tesla has become a popular past time. The fold flat seats in the Model 3 make the back seat and rear cargo area the perfect spot for a good night’s sleep in the climate controlled interior of your Tesla.

But one thing missing is a flat surface to turn into a camp kitchen. One Canadian Tesla fan decided to solve this problem, and built himself a foldable table that sits in the open frunk.

Jimmy, a Model 3 owner and YouTuber from Ontario, came up with the idea while living in his Tesla as he drives across Canada.

table frunk
Image via Jimmy /YouTube
Jimmy frunk table
Image via Jimmy /YouTube

The frunk kitchen comes in three pieces, and can be made with the short list of supplies below.

DIY Frunk Kitchen Supply List

  • 12″x36″ Lam Pine Shelvings
    • trimmed to 30″
    • trimmings used to make front supports
  • Four 3″ hinges
  • Dowel rod

Jimmy does note if he were to do it again he would probably use a larger piece of wood to make the table top wider. He suggests a size of 30″ x 30″ when opened. This will help keep the cylinder support holes further away from the edge.

Table edge
Image via Jimmy /YouTube

Table Dimensions

  • 30 inches length
  • 24 inches width (12 inches when folded)
  • Cylinder supports: 3.5 cm diameter, 12 cm length
  • Front support – two pieces glued together: 22 cm length, 24.5cm at the bottom, 30cm at the top

You can watch the video showing the build process below. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for his other adventures as he lives in his Model 3.

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