Acceleration Boost could be coming soon to your Tesla Model 3, for a price [Update]

Telsa Model 3

Who doesn’t love extra surprises just before Christmas. It appears that Tesla could soon be releasing a new “Acceleration Boost” as an upgradeable option in your Tesla account.

After logging in to your Tesla account, and going to the upgrades section, it still only shows the option to upgrade to Full Self-Driving (FSD), currently at a price of $9,200 in Canada. But if you look at the fine print below the PAY NOW button, you’ll see a new section there that mentions the Acceleration Boost upgrade.

Acceleration Boost

Since the Model S and Model X already have Ludicrous features, this Acceleration Boost is likely for Model 3 owners exclusively. There are no official details on pricing, or if this option would be available for all Model 3 versions, but speculation is it will cost $2,000USD. Rumours are also circulating this option will only be available for dual motor Model 3’s, but we see the option under both accounts for our Long Range (LR) and Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3’s.

UPDATE 1: It also appears that Performance Model 3 owners are only seeing the Acceleration Boost upgrade if they haven’t already purchased FSD, possibly indicating that current FSD owners will get the upgrade for free (unlikely since it requires a certain version of software, and Tesla can’t guarantee that those owners will have it).

UPDATE 2: Model X owners are also reportedly seeing the fine print in their accounts.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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