Large shipment of Teslas finally arrive in Vancouver after port strike delays

If you have been waiting for your new Model 3 or Model Y to arrive in Canada from China, the good news is your car is now sitting on dry land in Vancouver. After a lengthy delay caused by job action by port workers in B.C., the Morning Margareta was finally offloaded this weekend.

The problems started early last month when port workers across B.C. went on strike, causing massive disruptions to the Canadian economy. With the recent decision to import vehicles from China, instead of sending them from California, Tesla was impacted by the strike with two of their cargo ships sitting anchored off the B.C. coast waiting to be unloaded.

One of those cargo ships, the Viking Sea, was able to offload hundreds of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles when the strike temporarily ended after the union accepted a tentative agreement in mid-June. Unfortunately that agreement was later rejected by the workers in a vote, meaning the resumption of job action, leaving the Morning Margareta, another cargo ship loaded with Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, in limbo anchored off the coast of Vancouver Island.

The good news is the job action is over and that ship was finally unloaded on Sunday. A video of a sea of Teslas (1,616 according to information from one of our readers) sitting in Vancouver waiting to head off to Delivery Centers across the country was shared on social media.

This should mean reservation holders in B.C. should be seeing an update to their delivery estimates very soon, if not already. Customers further east should also receive updates on their orders very soon.

Let us know in the comments below if your car is among this latest batch of Teslas that have finally arrived in Vancouver.

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