2022.8.2 Tesla Software Update & Release Notes

After seemingly skipping a public release of 2022.8 altogether, Tesla has started releasing 2022.8.2, which contains a number of new features.

As mentioned in the NHTSA recall notice, this version disables the Boombox feature while in Drive. Transport Canada has not issued the same recall, so Canadian owners will hopefully not see this feature disabled.

If you are in Canada and have received 2022.8.2, let us know if you are still able to use Boombox while driving.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Boombox while in Drive has been disabled in Canada.

According to update tracker Not A Tesla App, there is also one undocumented change to improve the responsiveness of the backup camera.

2022.8.2 Release Notes

2022.8-Charging_Time_Estimation Credit: Not A Tesla App

Charging Time Estimation

Estimated charging times are now more accurate by taking the current battery pack temperature into account when a vehicle is connected to a Supercharger or a third-party fast charger.


2022.8-Vehicle_Preconditioning Credit: Not A Tesla App

Vehicle Preconditioning

Vehicle preconditioning accessed via the Tesla app will now remain active up to 30 minutes after a door is opened, making it easier to load your vehicle without affecting climate control.



2022.8-Phone_Calls_Landscape Credit: Not A Tesla App

Active Phone Calls

You can now hide your phone call card, allowing you to see the next turn when the navigation turn list is covered. Tap the phone icon on the status bar to show the card again.



2022.8-New_Language_Support Credit: Not A Tesla App

New Language Support

Your touchscreen is now available in Czech. To switch your language settings, tap Controls > Display > Touchscreen Language.

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