2022.8 Tesla Software Update & Release Notes

Tesla has started deploying their latest software update, 2022.8, which was first detected by the iOS-based Stats App this morning.

The release notes aren’t available yet, but this version is expected to disable Boombox when the car is in Drive, Neutral and Reverse. Elon Musk called the NHTSA the “fun-police” for making them turn off the feature.

According to the safety agency, the ability to play custom sounds while driving may obscure the federally mandated Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) sounds.

Transport Canada has not issued the same recall, so hopefully Teslas in Canada will still be able to fart at nearby pedestrians or tease children by playing the ice cream truck sound while driving down neighbourhood streets in the summer.

We will update this article with the release notes once they are available.

2022.8 Release Notes

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