Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre employs fleet of Tesla Model Ys for security team

yorkdale security tesla model y
Credit: Yorkdale Shopping Center

The Tesla Model Y has proven to be a popular choice among law enforcement agencies across the United States, and soon also in Canada.

Its popularity has also extended to security services, as Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Center is using a fleet a Model Ys for their on-site security teams.

The three Model Y Long Range vehicles were purchased last year and received in November, just in time for the often harsh Ontario winter.

Despite some bitterly cold temperatures, a Yorkdale Shopping Center spokesperson tells Drive Tesla the electric SUVs have performed well over the past several months and had no issues keeping their members warm and on the job.

Feedback from the security team shows they are happy with their new rides, saying it provides ample storage room for their equipment.

It isn’t just popular among the employees. The team frequently receives complements and inquiries about them from customers and aspiring security team members.

That extra publicity for Tesla could translate into an easy sale as the automaker has a retail location inside the shopping center giving potential owners the opportunity to check out the vehicles first hand.

The Yorkdale location was the first official Tesla store to open in Canada in 2012.

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Yorkdale is also home to Lucid, and VinFast should be opening their retail location inside the shopping centre this summer.

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