Tesla’s Fremont factory to remain open during shelter in place order, deemed ‘essential business’

Several California counties yesterday announced a shelter in place order to keep residents in their homes to combat the spread of the coronavirus, including Alameda County, the location of Tesla’s Fremont factory.

The factory, which employs about 10,000 workers according to the LA Times, will stay open however after being deemed an “essential business” by the county.

On the heels of the shelter in place order, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent out an email to impacted employees saying the threat from the panic around the virus was worse than the threat from the virus itself.

My frank opinion is that the harm from the coronavirus panic far exceeds that of the virus itself. I will personally be at work, but that’s just me.

Despite these remarks, Musk also told employees they are not obligated to attend the factory for work if they feel they shouldn’t be there.

If you feel the slightest bit ill or even uncomfortable, please do not feel obligated to come to work. I’d rather you were at home and not stressed, than at work and worried.“.

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