The Fremont PD is liking their Tesla Model S patrol car so much, they’re considering getting a Model Y next

Fremont PD Tesla Model S 85

The first police department in the US to convert a Tesla into a patrol car was the Fremont Police Department. In 2017, they purchased a 3-year old Tesla Model S as part of its commitment to a City of Fremont climate change initiative.

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In the two years since then, the Model S patrol car has performed so well on duty that they are considering adding more electric vehicles to the fleet, including the upcoming Model Y.

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Responding to a post on Twitter, the Fremont PD said they are waiting on the release of the Model Y before they make any decisions on what EV to add next.

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The Fremont PD aren’t the only ones considering a Model Y patrol car. The Sheriff’s Office in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania is reportedly considering adding a model Y to their fleet of cruisers as well.

Tesla’s are becoming quite popular for police departments around the world. Most recently, the Westport Police Department welcomed a Performance Tesla Model 3 to their fleet.

Even the Cybertruck, which won’t be available for nearly two years on its current schedule, is garnering attention. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) recently asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk what he thought of their mock-up of a Cybertruck patrol car.

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