Drag Times puts a Tesla Model S Raven up against a tuned 700hp Acura NSX [Video]

Tesla Model S vs Acura NSX

Brooks Weisblat, the man behind the popular YouTube channel DragTimes recently put his Tesla Model S Raven Ludicrous up against a modified Acura NSX in three 1/4 mile drag races.

You probably already know the stats behind the Tesla Model S. Its dual electric motors deliver 588 horsepower to all four wheels (AWD), with 920lb-ft of torque.

The new Acura NSX is a bit of beast. It features a 3.5L turbocharged V6 engine, supplemented by 3 electric motors. This particular NSX has been modified with a full FabSpeed exhaust and tuned to about 700 horsepower.

The two high speed cars go head to head in 3 races, with some interesting results.

When both drivers have almost equal reaction times, the Tesla easily pulls ahead, quickly building a 3-4 car length lead. It’s not until the very end that the NSX starts to slowly reel the Tesla in, but nowhere near enough to take the win.

When the NSX gets the jump on the Tesla, the Model S is able to keep up and catch up a bit with the NSX, but but not enough to beat it to the finish line.

On the other hand, when the Tesla gets the jump on the NSX, the Model S easily pulls away for the entire race, winning by nearly 0.40 seconds.

Check out all three races below. The action starts around the four and half minute mark.

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