Tesla’s Environmental Impact Assessment passes review ahead of Model Y production at Giga Shanghai

Just a few days ago we saw photos of what was later confirmed to be one of the first Tesla Model Y’s built outside of North America at Giga Shanghai.

The sighting hinted that Tesla had started pre-production of the electric SUV as it prepared to complete the new manufacturing line at Giga Shanghai.

Now the latest news out of China indicates the automaker’s Environmental Impact Assessment report has passed the review of the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau in preparation of a new model launch.

That model is presumed to be the Model Y.

The pre-launch project likely means Tesla will soon begin test production of the Model Y as production equipment and processes are tested and verified. Construction of the second phase at Giga Shanghai, which will house the Model Y production line, has been constructed just as quickly as the first phase last year.

Tesla recently opened up pre-orders for the electric SUV in China, with the first deliveries not expected until early 2021.

Giga Shanghai Model Y factory
Part of the Model Y production line at Giga Shanghai / Tesla

Source: cs.com.cn via syncedreview.com

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