Tesla set to open orders for MIC Model Y in Germany tomorrow, delivery in Q3

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said several times to not expect to see the Model Y on European roads until they start rolling off the production lines at Giga Berlin.

Facing potential delays that might push the factory opening into next year, it looks like he may be changing his mind.

According to popular German YouTuber Ove Kroeger, Tesla will begin importing made in China (MIC) Model Y’s to Germany very soon. Based on information from a source, he says the Design Studio will be updated tomorrow to allow customers to place an order for the imported electric SUV and will be able to take delivery in Q3 (h/t: @tesla_adri). Drive Tesla has also been able to confirm this information with another independent source.

“I just was told that model y MIC will be available to order tomorrow, delivery this quarter. No guarantee ;)” (translated from German).

This opens the question of what will happen to customers who have already placed an order for a made in Germany (MIG) Model Y. The versions that are to be built at Giga Berlin are expected to have numerous changes compared to the current generation, most notably a structural battery pack with 4680 battery cells.

It is likely Tesla will these customers the option to stick with the MIG order, or opt to take an earlier delivery of a MIC version.

We will hopefully find out tomorrow.

MIC Model Y Germany
Image via T&T Tesla /Facebook


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