Tesla to Test FSD on 10 Cars in China, Report

Shanghai’s Nanhui is promoting the release of 10 Tesla cars for FSD (Full Self-Driving) pilot use on the city’s streets. Local media reported this information citing Lu Sen, director of the data department of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area Administrative Committee.

The report found that Tesla’s cross-industry application proves that cutting-edge products such as smart new energy vehicles (NEVs) have obvious momentum for other related industries. It is worth keeping in mind that the report does not provide more details about the technology being tested or when the 10 Tesla vehicles will be ready to begin piloting on city streets.

Late last month, sources reported that Tesla was preparing to register FSD with Chinese authorities. The company wanted to introduce the feature later this year. Registration with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) will pave the way for employees to begin internal testing of the technology on public roads in China. If the testing is successful, Tesla could offer it as an update to Chinese users. In addition to being able to purchase FSD as a package, customers should have the option of a monthly subscription.

In China, all Tesla vehicles come with free Basic Autopilot (BAP) software. Tesla offers Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) and FSD software as options.

To implement FSD in China, Tesla made serious preparations in advance. In 2021, the company set up a data center in Shanghai where all data generated by its operations in China is stored. The step has been taken to comply with all regulatory norms of the country. Tesla also created an FSD task force in Shanghai as well as a data labeling team and sent engineers from its headquarters for training, according to the report.

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