Tesla offering original Model Y owners in Canada complimentary All-Weather Protection Kits

Mud flaps PPF

Tesla has started emailing some Model Y owners in Canada offering them a free All-Weather Protection Kit.

The All-Weather Protection Kit sells for $110 CAD and includes mud flaps for the front wheels, and paint protection film (PPF) for a small area near the rear wheels.

According to a copy of the email shared on the Tesla Model Y Canadian Facebook group, owners are provided a promo code that reduces the price of the kit to $0 on the Tesla Shop.

It is unclear who is receiving this free offer, but it is likely targeted at owners who purchased their Model Ys prior to August 2021.

It was around that date that Tesla started including both the mud flaps and PPF on new cars delivered in select regions in Canada and the US.

Both items help protect your car’s paint from damage caused by snow, salt, sand, and road debris. This damage might be small, but over time these areas can accumulate hundreds of small paint chips, otherwise known as sandblasting and ruin your paint.

This isn’t the first time Tesla has decided to give extra protection to owners that experience harsh winter conditions.

In 2019 Tesla provided All-Weather Protection Kits to Canadian Model 3 owners, except those in British Columbia.

Let us know in the comments below if you received this email, especially if you are outside of Canada.

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