BIG NEWS: The Model Y has finally made its way to Canada, spotted in downtown Toronto

Over the last several months we’ve seen hundreds of sightings of the upcoming Model Y across the US. Sightings have also been made close to the Canadian border, but we now have our first official Model Y on streets north of the border.

Spotted this morning, January 29 by Kushari on YouTube, the Model Y can be seen waiting at a traffic light at Bay Street and Albert Street in downtown Toronto.

This could be a major sighting of the Model Y in Canada, as we heard rumours last week that Tesla Oakville, which is just a 40 minute drive from where this Model Y was spotted, was preparing customers for deliveries next month. Have demo units started arriving in Canada ahead of imminent deliveries?

Tesla’s Q4 earnings call will be later today, where it is expected Elon Musk will give an update on the Model Y production, with many expecting Musk will announce the first deliveries within the coming days.

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