Tesla adds 20″ Induction wheels to Model Y RWD configurator in Canada

modely rwd induction
Credit: Tesla

In April Tesla launched a new Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) variant in Canada. Since the vehicle was being imported from China it was initially offered with limited options. Now Tesla has added the ability for customers to order the entry-level variant with upgraded wheels.

According to an update to the Design Studio on Tuesday, spotted by one of our readers Jamil, you can now add the 20″ Induction wheels to the Model Y RWD. Previously only the 19″ Gemini wheels were available. Adding the larger wheels comes at a cost however, both financially and to the specs of the electric SUV.

In terms of cost, the Induction wheels add another $2,600 to the base price. It is important to note that even with the added cost, eligibility for the federal rebate is determined by the base price, so even with this optional equipment it still qualifies for the $5,000 incentive.

In terms of specs, the larger wheel size results in less range, as with any increase to the wheel size of an electric vehicle (EV). Adding the 20″ Induction wheels on the Model Y RWD takes the range from 394km (245 miles) on the 19″ wheels down to 364km (226 miles). The 394km range may have been at the lower end of the limit for some buyers, so decreasing it by another 30km may be too much for most, especially those in the colder parts of Canada. As a result we suspect many will still order the standard 19″ Gemini wheels.

Unfortunately there have been no other changes to other options that were unavailable at launch. The Design Studio still shows only the black interior and five-seat configuration, with the white interior and seven-seat options still missing.

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