Tesla increases Model Y price in Türkiye and discounts Model 3 in Thailand

Tesla has rolled out another set of price changes to the Model Y and Model 3, this time in Türkiye and Thailand, and they include both an increase and a limited time decrease.

In Türkiye, Tesla has increased the price of the Model Y, while at the same time delaying delivery dates in the country. Currently, Model Y’s ordered today would be delivered in January. However, delivery into Türkiye has been rocky, with dates routinely pushed back since the Model Y debuted earlier this year. This is the second straight price increase in the country for the Model Y.  Per Expat Guide Turkey, the new Model Y prices are:

  • Model Y RWD 1,775,876 TL (~$102, 000 CAD)
  • Model Y Long Range 1,853,721 TL (~$107,000 CAD)
  • Model Y Performance 1,954,646 TL (~$112,000 CAD)

On the other side of the world, Thailand is seeing a discount on the Model 3, but it is only for a limited time and requires a few extra purchases. Per Twitter user @TslaChan customers will need to pick up their vehicle by June 30 to get the discount while also opting for insurance or a home charger. The discounts range from around $1,900 CAD to $2,700 CAD per vehicle. The new discounted prices for the Model 3 in Thailand are:

  • Model 3 RWD 1,709,000 THB (~$65,000 CAD)
  • Model 3 Long Range 1,939,000 THB (~$74,000 CAD)
  • Model 3 Performance 2,239,000 THB (~$86,000 CAD)


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