Tesla Model Y Revel taxi crashes at high speed in Manhattan

A Tesla Model Y on the ridesharing platform Revel was involved in a serious accident on Tuesday in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

The accident took place at 34th Street and Seventh Avenue, where the baby blue Model Y was travelling at an estimated 70mph (112km/h) before colliding with a UPS truck parked on the side of the road.

The Model Y clipped the back end of the delivery truck, sending it careening into a nearby tour bus, before coming to a stop in the middle of the road.

Photos taken after the accident show the Model Y suffered extensive damage, with the front wheel passenger wheel completely sheared off and the cabin severely damaged.

Miraculously the driver survived with no serious injuries, but was taken to hospital for treatment, according to CBS New York.

A few hours later video from a nearby surveillance camera was shared on Reddit showing the moment of impact, also showing just how lucky it was that no one else was hurt in the incident.

Revel has confirmed that there were no passengers on board at the time, and they are currently looking into what caused the crash.


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