NYC approves Revel’s fleet of Tesla Model Y taxis

Credit: Revel

Revel has received approval to launch their app-based car service in New York. Their fleet launches on August 2nd with 50 baby blue Tesla Model Y SUVs.

The company will offer rides south of 42nd street in Manhattan, which puts them in direct competition with yellow taxis.

Revel has already received 49 TLC approved licences plates out of an expected 50, and fifteen of the vehicles passed inspection and are ready to roll. An additional 35 vehicles are awaiting inspection and will be on the street as soon as that happens.

Revel Taxis
Image via Gardiner Anderson /NY Daily News

Back in 2018, New York City capped the number of app-based, for-hire vehicles in the City. However, the City exempted electric and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Revel saw this as an opportunity and applied to the City in April for approval to launch their service.

In response,  the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) voted to remove the exemption, seemingly ending the company’s hopes of launching their electric fleet.

However, Revel’s approval came in before the change went into effect.

Revel is not limiting their footprint to mopeds and Tesla taxis. The company unveiled their 25 EV charging station Superhub in Brooklyn and is in talks with utility provider ConEd to identify new locations.

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