Made-in-China Tesla Model Y now includes 12v li-ion battery: Confirmed

liion model y
Credit: @xiaoteshushu

Tesla began deliveries of the Model Y Performance in China yesterday. The lucky new owners quickly discovered it included a big upgrade – an AMD Ryzen processor.

Now it looks like there is another significant upgrade in the made-in-China Model Y, a 16v lithium-ion battery.

The information came from someone purported to be a Tesla China employee, who shared the news with a Drive Tesla reader in Shanghai.

UPDATE Nov 27 8:58am PST: The change is now confirmed. The Model Y Performance in China has the same 12v li-ion battery as the Model S/X refresh.

Tesla made the same switch earlier this year with the refresh Model S.

The new battery is lighter and more compact than the conventional lead-acid batteries, a perfect combination of features for an electric vehicle (EV).

It should also last much longer than the lead-acid batteries, which were known to frequently die after a year or two (or less) of use in a Tesla.

According to the Model S owner’s manual, the new battery has a rating of 6.9 Ah and 15.5 volts.

battery low voltage
Credit: Tesla

If the rumour is true, a li-ion battery will certainly makes its way to Fremont in the next few months. CEO Elon Musk has already said it could come as a retrofit for existing owners.

Tesla considering 12V lithium-ion replacement batteries for older vehicles

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