Tesla Model Y is equipped with radar heaters in the front bumper

As the days go by and the longer the Tesla Model Y is out in the wild, the more we are learning about the electric SUV.

We first learned when the Model Y owners manual was posted to Tesla’s website that it was equipped with a heat pump, and not a resistance heater like in the Model 3. That means the Model Y can heat the cabin more efficiently, resulting in better range in colder climates.

Now it appears Tesla has added another new feature to helps owners in colder climates. Well known Tesla hacker @greentheonly has discovered from a wiring diagram of the Model Y that the front bumper is equipped with radar heaters.

The radar sensors on the front bumper of the Model 3 can become obstructed with ice and snow buildup in colder climates, resulting in Autopilot and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) becoming disabled. Tesla’s recommended solution for this on the Model 3 is to apply an oleophobic coating to the front bumper, which should keep it clear of any buildup, but is not a perfect fix.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has addressed the issue of obstructed sensors before. In late 2018, he said that future Tesla’s would rely only on vision (e.g., cameras), so radar heaters wouldn’t be necessary. But until that point, he suggested it may still be worthwhile to add one.

It appears Tesla has learned a lot from the Model 3, and incorporated a number of changes to make it more efficient and better equipped to handle cold winter weather. All Canadians thank you Mr. Musk! Now can we please get our deliveries sooner than mid-2020?

Featured image: Out of Spec Motoring

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