Tesla increases discounts on Model 3 and Model Y inventory in Canada and US

Over the last few weeks Tesla has been offering some discounts on Model 3 and Model Y cars in existing inventory in both Canada and the US. Those discounts have now been increased to over $5,000 for the Model Y in Canada, and nearly $4,500 for the Model 3 and nearly $3,000 for the Model Y in the US.

Canadian Discounts

The biggest new discount is to the Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) in Canada. Earlier this month discounts were less than $1,000, but now you can purchase one for as much as $5,210 off, like this one available in Toronto for $56,080. There are also other discount just below the $5,000 mark, like this one available in Oakville with a $4,900 discount, bringing the price down to $56,390.

What is interesting about these discounts is that they appear to only be available in Ontario and Quebec. In a review of the website we could not find any examples in the other provinces. Don’t forget that the $5,000 federal rebate applies to the Model Y, plus if you’re in Quebec can add in the $7,000 provincial incentive for a total discount of $12,000, meaning you can get into a Model Y RWD in Quebec for a little under $45,000, plus taxes.

Tesla is still offering discounts of up to $5,070 on the Model 3, like they were earlier this month. Unlike the Model Y, the Model 3 discounts apply to RWD and Long Range variants, although the discounts appear to diminish for the higher trim. Here is a Model 3 RWD in Oakville with a $5,070 discount, or a Long Range in Ottawa with a $2,010 discount.

US Discounts

Discounts on the Model Y have increased. Earlier this month they ranged from $520 up to $1,570 off, but now the biggest discount we could find was $2,770, like on this Model Y Performance in Washington for $52,270. We were able to find many more $2,000+ discounts across the US, and they appear to apply to Long Range and Performance variants equally.

Model 3 discounts in the US have also increased, from around $3,000 earlier this month to nearly $4,500 today. In Massachusetts you can buy this Model 3 Performance for $51,280, or $4,460 off. Like the Model Y, we were able to find many more examples of discounts around $4,000, give or take a few hundred dollars.

FSD Transfer

Tesla is allowing a one-time transfer of FSD for existing owners when upgrading to a new Tesla. As we told you about earlier today, trading in your old vehicle is not required, and you must add FSD on your new purchase. Since you can add FSD on cars in existing inventory, this is a great way to get into a new Tesla and keep your FSD at an even lower price than when ordering a custom configuration.

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