Tesla Model Y made at Giga Berlin has driven from Norway to Sweden

Tesla hasn’t received their final approvals to begin production of customer cars at Giga Berlin, but they have recently been granted approval to build up to 2,000 test cars.

Some of those cars are now being tested around Europe. At least two have made their way to Norway, with one of the being spotted in late December at the Service Center in Oslo.

That Model Y Performance test car is on the move and has driven more than 130 miles (210km) away to Uddevala, Sweden, where it was spotted plugged in at a local Supercharger this weekend. (via Reddit)

When it was photographed in Norway it was covered in snow, but this sighting gives us a great look at the build quality of the first cars out of Giga Berlin.

From the rear there are no visible panel gap or alignment issues, something which has plagued the Model Y coming out of Fremont.

This is a good sign that even pre-production test cars are high quality, boding well for the first customers expected to take delivery soon.

This week Tesla confirmed in their Q4 2021 shareholder deck that all the Model Ys coming off the production line in Germany will still feature the current generation 2170 cells.

They also revealed that Giga Texas will be taking a different approach, starting with structural battery packs and 4680 cells.

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