Production at Tesla Giga Berlin May Resume Earlier than Planned: Minister

Production at Tesla Giga Berlin may resume earlier than planned, the minister has said. According to electricity network operator Edis, this could take place as early as Monday evening.

After the attack, which cut off power supplies to Giga Berlin, production could probably be restarted sooner than planned, according to Brandenburg Economics Minister, Jörg Steinbach. According to the data received, electricity supply may occur earlier than by the end of the week, he said on Monday morning on RBB Inforadio. The German publication, citing grid operator Edis, also reported that production could resume as early as Monday evening. The power company’s employees worked “three shifts” to make this possible, earning praise from Steinbach.

During the interview, the minister also expressed criticism of demonstrations against the planned expansion of Giga Berlin, which took place over the weekend. “I am concerned about this because it was very clear that there was demonstration tourism taking place,” the minister said. “We are also experiencing this in the camp, where there are people from Lower Saxony, from Lützerath, from Hambacher Forst. Now this whole thing is being taken over from the outside.” This fact emphasizes that those organizing demonstrations are not local residents, and therefore their actions do not fight for the interests of locals.

The planned expansion of Giga Berlin will directly benefit local residents first and foremost. Tesla plans to build a cargo area, warehouses, and a company daycare center. Thanks to this, deliveries to and from the factory will switch to rail, removing thousands of trucks from the roads. This will not only relieve traffic but also significantly reduce the amount of harmful emissions.

While some people demonstrate against Giga Berlin’s expansion, locals support Tesla. Over the weekend, residents took to the streets to support the company. Thousands of employees and local residents also came to the factory building last Saturday and lit lanterns in a show of support for Tesla.

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