Tesla Model Y RWD wait times in China drop to as little as one week

Tesla has updated their Design Studio in China and shortened the estimated delivery wait times for the entry-level Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) to as little as one week.

The extremely short wait times come just a few weeks after Tesla upgraded the production lines at Giga Shanghai to increase capacity.

Earlier this month new orders for the Model Y RWD could be delivered in between four and eight weeks, a timeframe which had dropped from eight to twelve weeks compared to July.  Now that window has shrunk even further and customers can have a new Model Y RWD in their driveway in one to four weeks.

The other two variants of the Model Y in China, the Long Range and Performance, have seen no change to their delivery estimates with this update. (h/t: @funwithnumberz)

Although Tesla has not given a reason for the incredibly short delivery window, the likely reason is because of the recent upgrades at Giga Shanghai.

After being shutdown in March and April, Tesla completed a $188 million project to upgrade over the summer months to optimize Model 3 and Model Y production lines. That project was completed around August 8 with the factory now able to produce up to 2,200 Model Ys and 1,200 Model 3s per day, for a total of 3,500 cars per day rolling out of Giga Shanghai.

Prior to the upgrades the factory was producing about 2,500 cars per day. With the new production rate, Giga Shanghai can produce around 1.2 million cars per year, a significant increase from the 750,000 cars Tesla said it could produce in the Q2 2022 update.

Just over two weeks ago Giga Shanghai hit a signifcant milestone and produced its 1 millionth vehicle since opening in early 2019.

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