Watch the Logan Police Department’s Tesla Model Y 30 minute high-speed chase with a Ford Mustang

A Tesla Model Y police cruiser was involved in a high-speed chase recently, and it was all captured on the electric SUVs dashcam.

On May 22, around 8:40 am, Logan Police Patrolman Gadrim was on duty in the Model Y police car when he spotted a Ford Mustang with two occupants speeding.

After the Mustang came to a stop, the passenger exited the vehicle. The officer told the woman to get back into the vehicle, however when she started to make her way back to the car it sped off before she could get back in.

The driver then led the patrolman on a 40-45 mile chase to Columbus, Ohio. The officer broke off the pursuit for safety reasons at the US-33/I-270 junction.

Since the altercation, the owner of the Mustang reported her vehicle stolen. The suspect is still at large but is under investigation by the Logan Police Department.

As per the police force, Logan Police does not institute pit maneuvers, which explains why the officer continued pursuit but did not act to end the chase with the signature police maneuver.

We reported back in November 2021 when Logan Police unveiled their Model Y police cruiser. Currently, the department has two Model Y’s in its police fleet.

A frequent talking point against using Teslas, or other electric vehicles (EVs) as police cruisers is “what happens if they get into a chase and run out of battery?” This video shows the Model Y has no problem maintaining high speeds for a long period of time, and running out of battery is as much of a concern as it is for a gas-powered cruiser running to empty.

You can check out the full 30-minute chase below. We have added a second higher quality version (thanks Paul), but it misses the first 30 seconds or so from the original clip.

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