Tesla Model Y bodies spotted under wraps at Giga Berlin as massive buildings take shape [Video]

Some keen eyed Tesla fans have spotted what appears to be several Model Y bodies at the site of the under-construction Giga Berlin factory.

It might seem strange that a construction site would have pre-built Model Y frames on site, but when you dig a bit deeper, it might not be that strange after all.

Since construction began in Germany earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has mentioned several times the new factory will feature an advanced paint shop. One of the new colours that will be delivered out of Giga Berlin is a deep Crimson red, which Musk is personally testing on his Model S in California.

To seemingly prepare for the new paint shop, Tesla sent six unpainted Model Y bodies to Europe in August.

The unpainted vehicles haven’t been seen of or heard of since their arrival in September, until now it seems. While the plastic wraps attempt to hide the true nature of whatever is underneath them, there is no mistaking the lines of the unfinished vehicles and their strong resemblance to the electric SUV.

The Model Y bodies were spotted by several of the popular YouTubers who fly their drones over the site almost daily. Recent flyovers show construction is moving ahead rapidly, and everything appears to be on schedule for the targeted opening in mid-2021.

Tesla was also recently approved to remove an additional 81 hectares of trees from the adjacent tree farm to make space for storage areas and pipe systems for the new Gigafactory.

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