Tesla Model Y joins Model 3 near the top of global EV sales ranking

With less than a year of sales under its belt, the Tesla Model Y was the best selling electric SUV in the world in January 2021, placing just behind the Model 3 as the best selling electric sedan in the world.

According to data compiled by the EV-sales blog, the Model 3 amassed 21,589 sales around the world in the first month of the year. The Model Y gathered 9,597 sales, allowing Tesla to take 2 of the top 3 spots in global EV sales for January 2021.

The only EV to outsell them was the Wuling HongGuang Mini EV, a sub-$5,000 compact EV with just over 100km of range.

Top 20 Models
Image via EV-sales

The strong figures for Tesla is a good sign as the first quarter is typically the slowest three month period of the year in terms of sales for automakers.

In China, Tesla sold 15,484 units in January 2021. That number could have been higher if not for the fact an estimated 8,000 vehicles manufactured at Giga Shanghai that month were exported to Europe.

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