Tesla Model Y Acceleration Boost now available for purchase [Update]

Tesla introduced the Acceleration Boost paid upgrade earlier this year on the dual motor Long Range (LR) variants of the Model 3.

Now Model Y owners can enjoy the extra speed too as Tesla has added the option to the Upgrade section of the mobile app and online account.

The upgrade costs $2,700 CAD ($2,000 USD), the same amount as the Model 3 Acceleration Boost, and for Canadians it will cut your 0-100km/h time by half a second from 5.0 seconds to 4.5 seconds (for our US friends, 0-60mph from 4.8 seconds to 4.3 seconds). That is in line with the half second time reduction for the Model 3 after purchasing the upgrade.

Model Y acceleration boost

For the boost to work, you will also need to upgrade to at least software version 2020.36.

It is important to note buyers are not able to request a refund 48 hours after purchase.

UPDATE: Like the Model 3 upgrade, it is not available on the Performance Model Y.


Will you be buying the Acceleration Boost for the Model Y? Let us know in the comments below.

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