Tesla launches Model Y RWD orders in Europe

Tesla has added a new Model Y variant to the Design Studio in Europe as the single motor Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) appeared on the website early Friday morning.

The new entry-level variant has appeared in the Design Studio for the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Spain, France, Poland, Hungary, Ireland, and all other European countries we checked.

According to the Design Studio the Model Y RWD is scheduled to begin deliveries at varying times depending on the country, but a review of the website by Drive Tesla shows the earliest window starting in December 2022 in Germany and several other markets.

Prices also vary between countries with the Model Y RWD being just €3,000 cheaper (€52,990 vs €56,990) than the Long Range variant in Germany to as much as €15,000 cheaper in Spain (€51,200 vs €65,990).

Like the Model Y RWD already available in other markets, it offers the same Premium interior as the LR and Performance variants.

We don’t know what battery pack will be included in the new entry-level variant, but it will come with 455km (282 miles) of range based on the WLTP rating schedule, which is more generous than the North American EPA ratings.

It will also have a top speed of 217km/h and a 0-100km/h time of 6.9 seconds, hinting at an lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack.

We also don’t know if these Model Ys will be built at Giga Berlin or Giga Shanghai. As we reported last month Giga Berlin has begun trial production of the single motor variant, but we have not been able to confirm which factory these vehicles will come from.

The Model Y RWD used to be called the Model Y Standard Range (SR). The addition of the new variant comes later than we expected after figures for the electric SUV were posted to Tesla’s website in Germany in August last year.

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