Tesla increases Model Y paint prices in Europe

model y germany

Tesla has gone in the opposite direction than it has in North America by raising prices for some of the Model Y paint options in Europe.

Last year in Canada and the US the automaker made Midnight Silver Metallic (MSM) one of the standard paint options, along with white.

Today, Tesla has increased the price of the MSM and Deep Blue Metallic paint options on the Model Y in several European countries.

In Germany the price has increased by €1,000, making them both the same price as the premium Red Multi-Coat at €2,200. (h/t: @tesla_adri)

Owners in other European countries also reported similar price increases.

In France the price was increased to €2,100, while in the Czech Republic, it now costs €2,450.

Making the price increase even more perplexing is that there were no similar changes for the Model 3.

There have also been no changes to the paint prices in North America.

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