Tesla driver claims Autopilot was active in collision with a police cruiser

A Tesla Model Y and a stationary police cruiser collided in the early hours this morning, with the driver of the electric SUV claiming it was on Autopilot at the time of the crash.

According to Michigan State Police, troopers from the Lansing Post were on the scene of an earlier accident between a vehicle and a deer. While investigating, the police cruiser was partially blocking the right lane and had its emergency lights on to warn oncoming motorists.

It was then when the Model Y collided with the police cruiser.

Damage to the left rear of the cruiser was extensive with the rear wheel pushed all the way up into the door. The Tesla didn’t fare any better with much of the front right quarter panel and wheel completely missing.

Fortunately no injuries were reported.

So far the only evidence that the car was on Autopilot is the word of the driver. While it is entirely possible it is true, he could also be saying that to avoid fault. The vehicle logs will give the definitive answer, if and when they are accessed.

The driver was issued tickets for failure to move over and driving while his license was suspended.

This accident in Michigan follows another in Michigan just last week, also involving a Model Y. In that case the Tesla collided with a moving semi truck almost completely shearing off the roof of the car. People were quick to try and blame Autopilot for that accident, but it has since been confirmed that was not the case and the driver has been charged with reckless driving.

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