Michigan finalizing plan to build first wireless EV charging road

The State of Michigan has finalized a contract to build the first wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging road in the US.

The Michigan Department of Transportation awarded the contract to Electreon, an EV solutions firm.

The plan is to construct a 1-mile stretch of road open to the public to charge battery-powered cars and trucks in real-time.

The State did not release the location, but they did confirm that it would be in Detroit.

If everything remains on time, the project will be operational in 2023, reports Fox 2 Detroit. Once complete, it will allow EVs to recharge their batteries without stopping.

Neither the State of Michigan nor Electreon confirmed the exact charging details and specifications on the speed or applicability of the technology. However, this is not the first project of this kind.

The first EV battery charging road opened in Sweden in 2018. The technology is significantly better now, and it will be curious to track how much charge this road can deliver.

After the Swedish experiment, many believed that electrified roads would become the norm. However, we have still yet to see widespread adoption by any government or private entity.

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