Recent sightings suggest the Model Y Long Range will be the first variant out of Giga Texas

While questions still remain about which variant of the Model Y will roll off the Giga Texas production lines first, recent sightings outside the factory indicate it could be the Long Range.

During a drone flyover on February 21, 2022, Jeff Roberts captured some blue and black Model Ys occupying all 12 Giga Texas Superchargers.

All of them had the 19″ Gemini wheels, which are only found on the entry-level variant of the electric SUV.

This sighting adds to another the day before, also by Roberts, where 11 out of the 12 Superchargers were occupied by blue and black Model Y Long Range SUVs.

These two back-to-back sightings follow a long list of others in recent weeks.

Last week we saw over 100 newly built Tesla Model Ys emerge from Giga Texas to be parked in a holding lot outside the factory.

Although they were all underneath car covers, we could still see the Gemini wheels peeking out from underneath.

Last month we also saw a fleet of Long Range SUVs plugged in to a bank of Destination Chargers.

Row of newly built Tesla Model Ys spotted outside Giga Texas [Update]

Even what was reported to be the very first car off the production line last year had Gemini wheels.

So far the only time we have seen the Performance variant at Giga Texas was when we saw a loaded car carrier leaving the factory earlier this month.

All of this points to the Long Range variant being the focus for Tesla right now at Giga Texas.

If true, that would be the opposite of what Tesla is doing at Giga Berlin, where they will only be selling the high margin Performance variant at first.

What we do know is that whatever variant emerges first, it will have a structural battery pack and 4680 cells.

You can watch the full drone flyovers below. The Model Ys appear at 4:53 and 8:09.

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