Next generation Tesla Model Y manufacturing process will have micron-level precision

If there’s one thing that Tesla vehicles are known for (other than their mind-altering acceleration, minimalistic interiors, hi-tech gadgetry, etc.), it is their build quality. They are often, and sometimes rightly so, criticized for some sub-par manufacturing processes that leads to panel gaps and questionable paint quality.

Some of these issues could be the result of the haphazard layout of their factory in Fremont. Tesla purchased the facility from General Motors, meaning it wasn’t built with their production processes in mind and the cars have to visit several different areas of the facility before they are completed.

Their build quality improved with the completion of their first purpose-built factory, Giga Shanghai. The ability to design the factory from the ground up allowed them to build it in a logical flow from Stamping to General Assembly. Tesla highlighted these differences in the Q4 2019 earnings report.

Fremont and Shanghai production map
Image via Tesla

In order to go up against legacy automakers in Germany like Mercedes Benz and BMW, both of which are well known for their build quality, Tesla is seeking to take it a step further with Giga Berlin.

Elon Musk tweeted earlier today they are targeting to have “extreme precision” with the next generation Model Y. How extreme? Down to one millionth of a meter.

When exactly we will begin seeing these Model Y’s hit the roads in Europe remains a lingering question. Tesla was hoping to have the factory operational by July, but Musk while visiting the factory yesterday said he expects production will begin before the end of the year.

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