More than two dozen red Model Ys appear outside Giga Texas [Video]

For the first time we saw a single Red Multi-Coat Model Y emerge from Giga Texas earlier this week, indicating the Paint Shop was expanding from producing cars in Pearl White Multi-Coat, Deep Blue Metallic, and Solid Black.

They have apparently been hard at work since then, as more than two dozen red Model Ys are now parked outside the factory.

The glistening new electric SUVs were spotted in a drone flyover by Jeff Roberts (@peterdog15) on Saturday afternoon.

Based on the footage it appears all 23 cars were equipped with the 20″ Induction wheels.

With the factory now producing red, that just leave midnight silver metallic as the last remaining colour in Tesla’s lineup yet to be added to the repertoire of Giga Texas’ Paint Shop.

That is until they hopefully add the new colours coming soon from Giga Berlin – Abyss Blue, Crimson Red, and Mercury Silvery Metallic.

You can watch the full drone flyover below.

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