Model Y spotted on Tesla test track indicating it is on schedule

Tesla Model Y on test track

When Tesla first announced the Model Y earlier this year, it was scheduled for a late 2020 production run. Then during the Q3 earnings call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that they were ahead of schedule, and production and deliveries had been moved up to summer 2020. Even more recent reports have said that Model Y production could begin as soon as Q1 2020.

During a recent factory check by Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry, he spotted a red Model Y on the Tesla test track, something he notes as a significant development in the production of the Model Y.

The weather during his visit on December 7, 2019 was wet and windy, and the Tesla test driver was not holding back when going around the track. Chowdhry noted it was going at “super-high speeds during rain and heavy winds.” You can see a short video from Chowdhry below showing the Model Y on the track.

Chowdhry says that this is a clear sign the development and testing of the Model Y is going as planned and sees it becoming a significant revenue generator for Tesla in 2020. There have also been numerous sightings in recent months of the Model Y being tested on public roads, including some long range testing that saw the Model Y appear far north of California in Vancouver, Washington.

h/t [StreetInsider]

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