Tesla in France Registers a 60% YoY Sales Increase in September

Tesla registered a 60.5% increase in sales in France in September compared to the same period last year, taking a 3.55% share of the country’s overall auto market. The brand contributed to the growth of the share of EVs on French roads, which amounted to 19% in September.

Sales of new cars in France continued to grow in September. Registrations of new private cars increased by 10.7% compared to September 2022, according to the Platform for Automotive (PFA), which represents manufacturers and suppliers in the sector. As Tesla continues to advance and penetrate the French market, it is increasing its share. According to the data, the company sold 5,557 vehicles, an increase of 60.5% compared to September 2022, La Tribune reports.

A total of 156,304 private cars were registered in France last month. This means that Tesla’s share of the country’s auto market was an impressive 3.55%. The result is even more impressive considering that the company did not deliver Model 3 in the country last month, and achieved such high figures mainly due to sales of Model Y. Thanks to Giga Berlin, Tesla is able to deliver cars without interruption. A breakdown of sales by model will come later, however it seems that Model Y will rank high in France in September.

New car registrations for the Stellantis group, which includes the Peugeot, Citroën, DS, and Opel brands, fell 2.20% last month from a year earlier. Despite this, the group still holds the largest market share, which is 28%. Considering the number of cars sold by each brand in the group, this is not surprising. Renault, which includes the Renault, Dacia, and Alpine brands, is in second place with a market share of 25.3%. The group increased car registrations in France by 14.39% year on year.

Electric vehicle cars accounted for 19% of total passenger vehicle sales in September. This is a 3% increase compared to September 2022 and a 6% increase compared to the same month in 2021. This is where Tesla has had a huge impact, driving growth in EV market share.

“The current figures for electric vehicles are the highest ever,” noted the communications director of the PFA, François Roudier. He specified that “the [EV] market is driven by three models” sold by Tesla, Dacia, and Peugeot.

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