Model 3 owner adds LED lights to Tesla charging cable to visualize electric flow

This modification has absolutely no use at all other than making your Tesla look even cooler while charging at home.

Tesla owner and fan Robert Lin added these LED lights to his Tesla Wall Connector charging cable to give a visualization of the electricity flowing through the cable and into the car.

According to Lin, who posted a video to YouTube of the modification, he wrapped a programmable LED light strip around the charging cable. To protect the lights and secure it to the charging cable, he added a Techflex sleeve over the lights.

Since the LED lights are programmable, there are actually a number of different ways you can customize the lights to show different visualizations.

As this was his first attempt at the mod, the lights have to be turned on manually. He is planning on improving the setup by adding a relay switch so that when the charger activates, so do the lights (and they’ll turn off when done too).

Check out the video below. Is this a modification you would add to your home charging solution? Let us know in the comments below.

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