Giga Texas to start Model Y production in next 7-10 days: Dan Ives

According to Daniel Ives at Wedbush, Tesla’s Giga Texas will begin producing the Model Y in the next 7 to 10 days.

As per his firm’s analysis, the testing of the production machines is almost complete. Thus, Tesla is on the verge of receiving the green light to get production rolling.

On January 4,  a Travis County spokesperson confirmed that certain factory areas had already received certificates of compliance. These certificates come from the county fire marshal.

With the certificates, Tesla can open that part of the building, and more importantly, the production line.

The documentation seems to point to these areas related to Model Y production. However, we have not seen any movement or rumours on the areas for the Cybertruck or Semi as of yet.

Tesla is looking to ramp up production of the popular compact SUV for Europe and North America. The demand is high, and the opening of both Giga Texas and Giga Berlin would go a long way in helping the auto manufacturer clear up the current delivery list.

As of Sunday January 9, crews were finishing up work on the parking lot that will hold newly built cars.

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