Canadian company wins contract from Tesla to build water treatment facilities at Giga Texas

There will be a significant Canadian connection with Tesla’s newest Gigafactory in Texas after a Quebec-based company announced a new contract yesterday.

In a press release on Monday, H2O Innovation announced it had secured an engineering contract to “design two identical reverse osmosis (“RO”) trains.” Without specifically naming Tesla, the company said the design was for an “electric vehicle manufacturing plant located in Texas.”

If that subtle reference wasn’t enough, H2O Innovation added the contract was with the “largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the US.”

H2O Innovation did not provide many details on the project, other than to say each RO train would be rated for 2,200 m³/day. According to the company’s website, they specialize in water reuse and wastewater treatment for industrial processes.

H2O Innovation is a leader in customized water and wastewater treatment solutions using membrane technologies. We design and fabricate state-of-the-art, integrated water treatment systems for municipal, industrial and commercial users and specialize in applications for drinking water, water reuse, wastewater treatment and industrial process water. We consider the specific needs of our clients and have a flexible approach to design as the largest open-source system supplier in North America. 

The announcement sent shares of the company soaring on Monday, increasing nearly 20% from $2.71 to $3.25. Prices have stabilized since then, currently sitting around $3 per share.

h/t: Teslarati

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