Don’t expect to see the Model Y in Europe until Giga Berlin is up and running


The Tesla Model Y has been available in the US for just under a month. We’re not expecting to see it in Canada until at least mid-2020 (and there has already been a price increase), but with Tesla’s Fremont factory currently shuttered, even that might be delayed.

But anxious Tesla fans in Europe are going to have wait a lot longer, as Elon Musk revealed on Twitter the Model Y won’t be coming for at least another year.

Responding to a user who asked when Tesla would begin deliveries of the Model Y in Switzerland, Musk commented it won’t happen until Giga Berlin has begun manufacturing them.

Musk has talked before about the new Giga Berlin manufacturing Model Y vehicles as soon as it becomes operational. Tesla plans for the factory to manufacture between 500,000 to 750,000 vehicles per year.

The construction is still in the very early stages, with the removal of all the trees and grading of the land complete. The next step is the construction of the foundation after receiving the necessary approvals from local governments.

If Tesla can follow the aggressive production schedule in China that saw Giga Shanghai built in 9 months, deliveries of the Model Y could begin in Europe in summer 2021.

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