Detailed look at the new made-in-China Tesla Model Y [Video]

MIC MOdel Y headlights

The first big story of 2021 for Tesla is the introduction of the Model Y in China, with a low price and a number of new features.

With the first deliveries expected to begin this month, the first videos of the Chinese Model Y have started emerging. In the video below we get a good look at the new door panel design, as well as a look at the new headlights that first appeared on the Model 3 refresh last year.


Other videos show the first deliveries may happen sooner than expected, and may happen within the next few days. Truckloads of Model Y’s have been seen leaving Giga Shanghai.

Demand in China has been through the roof so far, with so many people placing orders Tesla had to post a notice to social media warning customers the website might be slow to load. Initial reports are estimating the number of orders have exceeded 100,000 within the first 10 hours of orders being available.