Loaded car carriers spotted leaving Giga Texas – are customer Model Y Standard Range deliveries about to begin?

Tesla began deliveries of the made-in-Texas Model Y Standard Range at the Cyber Rodeo earlier this month.

So far the deliveries have only been to employees, with the new variant featuring a structural battery pack and 4680 cells yet to be added to the Design Studio (although we already know what the price will be).

That may change soon. At least two car carriers fully loaded with freshly built Model Y Standard Range SUVs were spotted leaving Giga Texas this morning.


This is a positive sign that production is ramping up and Tesla is close to kicking off customer deliveries of the new variant.

In the weeks since the grand opening event, the holding lot at the south end of the factory has been quickly filling up with newly built Model Ys.

While we do know the price of the new variant, we still don’t know who will be able to purchase it.

Musk has previously stated Giga Texas will supply the eastern 2/3 of the United States, and presumably Canada.

That leaves out the western states and provinces, most importantly California, which is their biggest market in the US.

You can check out this drone flyover from Joe Tegtmeyer taken on April 27 2022.

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