Standard Range Tesla Model Y already proving popular in China

Just like when Tesla introduced the Standard Range (SR) Model Y in North America earlier this year, the entry-level variant is already proving extremely popular in China.

On Friday last week Tesla added the rear wheel-drive (RWD) Model Y to the Design Studio in China, pricing it below ¥300,000. As a result it qualifies for local incentives which reduce the price to ¥276,000.

That attractive price point has reportedly set off a wave of orders for the electric SUV.

According to a social media report citing a Tesla sales person, the automaker saw more than 10,000 orders on the first day the SR Model Y was available in Beijing alone. That popularity continued into the second day when another 5,000+ units were ordered in China’s capital city.

It appears as though the rate of orders has outpaced the production output of Giga Shanghai. Tesla enthusiast @Ray4Tesla says his sources have told him delivery dates for new orders are now being pushed back to September.

The news was confirmed by another Tesla enthusiast in China, @JayinShanghai.

The boost in orders should help propel Tesla sales in China to new heights. In June a total of 11,623 Model Y vehicles were sold in the country, adding to the 21,532 Model 3s that were welcomed by new owners.

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