Tesla Model Y Was Sweden’s Best-Selling Car In The First Half Of 2024

Tesla Model Y became the best-selling car in Sweden in the first half of the year, receiving the support and love of the country’s population. Despite a 20 percent drop in electric vehicle sales in the country, the compact SUV has outperformed all vehicles, including internal combustion engine (ICE) cars.

According to CarUp, the automotive industry in Sweden faced a difficult half-year. In the first six months of the year, car registrations fell six percent. A total of 132,294 new cars were registered in Sweden during this period. Electric cars have become the least popular in the new economic situation and their decline was 20 percent. The strongest month for EVs was June when their share rose to a year-best, 35.9 percent.

Despite the general decline in electric vehicle sales, Tesla once again stands apart from everyone else. Model Y has become the best-selling car in the country, regardless of powertrain type. In the first half of the year, 7,386 units were sold, which ensured its crown.

This victory is especially important against the backdrop of the ongoing confrontation between the local union IF Metall and Tesla. IF Metall is trying to force the company to sign collective agreements with workers. The vast majority of Tesla employees are not participating in the strike and do not support it. The company’s strong sales in the country also further highlight that people continue to support the company and its products.

Tesla Model Y managed to overtake the Volvo XC60. According to official statistics from Mobility Sweden, Volvo sold 7,381 XC60s. It should be noted that Model Y sales will be higher than the figure given in the statistics, as Tesla continued to deliver cars on the weekend of June 29 and 30, while competitors did not. In third, fourth, and fifth places are also Volvo cars, S/V60 with 4,277, EX/XC40 with 4,269, and EX30 with 3,470, respectively.

Volvo XC60 performed strongly in the first half of the year. However, this was not enough to surpass Tesla Model Y and take first place. Thanks to companies that produce quality and desirable electric cars, Sweden is getting closer to meeting its climate goals. That is why such developments are welcomed here.

“Accelerating electrification is critical to achieving Sweden’s climate goals and increasing its competitiveness,” said Mattias Bergman, CEO of Mobility Sweden.

Top 15 of most registered cars in Sweden in the first half of 2024:

  1. TESLA MODEL Y 7 386
  2. VOLVO XC60 7 381
  3. VOLVO S/V60 4 277
  4. VOLVO EX/XC40 4 269
  5. VOLVO EX30 3 470
  6. TOYOTA RAV 4 2 954
  7. POLESTAR 2 2 680
  8. KIA CEED 2 440
  9. VW ID.4 2 285
  10. VW TIGUAN 2 064
  11. KIA SPORTAGE 2 064
  12. TOYOTA COROLLA 1 772
  13. PEUGEOT 3008 1 761
  14. TESLA MODEL 3 1 737
  15. VOLVO EC/C40 1 590
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